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Fast Bars

Plant-based nutrition bars. Premium nuts. Eating while fasting. 


3 flavors to choose from.

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Nuts & Cacao Chips
Nuts & Honey
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Nuts & Dark Cocoa
What is Fasting?

Fasting is when your body's "food-sensing" system does not detect any food coming into your body for a sustained period of time, and switches into a "protective" state. This results in a wide range of health, weight-loss and longevity benefits. 

Traditionally fasting is achieved only by abstinence of all foods. 

But cutting-edge research scientifically shows now there's another, smarter way to do that. And that is carefully controlling what foods and how much you take in, so that the consumed stays under the radar of the food-sensing system in your body. This allows nutritional nourishment for your body without "breaking" the fast.


You are eating while fasting.

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The Easiest Ways to Fast with Fast Bars

Use Fast Bar as a breakfast substitute (your body does not recognize it as food). And your "first meal" will be lunch. You can easily achieve a 12-hour or even 16-hour fast this way (from dinner the night before to lunch).  

Or, if you are already doing 1-day or 2-day fasting, use Fast Bar to extend your fasting window. It can help you curb the hunger feeling and also provides nutrition to your body, without breaking your fast.

Or as a healthy snack alternative in between meals. Its plant-based content, packed with premium nuts, is nutritious and provides plenty of protein and healthy fats. 

Fast Bar VS ProLon 

To put it simply, Fast Bar is not a substitute to ProLon. Instead, they are complementary to each other. They play different roles with different fasting benefits. Fast Bar is both a low-effort health maintenance as well as a great continuation in between ProLons that furthers your success. Note that Fast Bar should only be consumed on the days you are not doing ProLon. 

* Improved overall metabolic health, blood glucose, cholesterol, fat-focused weight-loss, reduced abdominal fat, and protected lean body mass as validated in clinical trials

Scientifically proven, clinically validated.
The science of fasting is in top scientific journals... 

Fast Bar is the first and only scientifically formulated bar that has gone through clinical trials and shown fasting benefit*


* Fasting benefits observed in a randomized, controlled study in 105 adults after a 15-hour overnight fast
comparing the glucose and ketone results every hour for 4 hours in the Fast Bar group,
breakfast group and water-fast group, and Fast Bar shown not breaking the fast

Adding Fast Bar to Your Existing ProLon Regimen

Fast Bar and ProLon each ride on a different fasting mechanism.

ProLon, a prolonged fasting that lasts >48 hours, is crucial in inducing a process called autophagy. This cleans up and recycles "old, sluggish and inefficient" cells, and replaces them with "new, young and healthy" cells. Such rejuvenation deep on the cellular level can be thought of as a thorough "house cleaning", which produces significant and lasting benefits as shown in clinical trials.

Fast Bar however has its role too. It does not require any prior planning. You can easily complete a fast by eating a Fast Bar as breakfast in the morning. This gives you a 12- or even 16-hour fast since dinner.


While ProLon is taken once per month, or once every few months, Fast Bar serves to continue and enhance your success in between ProLons 

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