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All orders placed now will be handled as priority. Estimated delivery time is by end of June, earlier for certain countries.


Actual flight time required for immediate delivery (i.e. from courier pickup to courier delivery):

Hong Kong

Same Day - Next Day

Singapore / Malaysia (West) / Vietnam / South Korea

3-4 Business Days

Japan / Philippines / Thailand

3-5 Business Days

Taiwan / Macau

1-3 Business Days

Australia / New Zealand

4-6 Business Days

Indonesia / Malaysia (East)

3-7 Business Days


Temporarily Suspended due to COVID 

All Other Asian Countries 

4-6 business days

The above estimate is our actual experience with couriers we ship to on a daily, weekly basis. For estimates by couriers, you can generally assume them to be unreliable and do not reflect the actual situation. 

We use FedEx or UPS for all express shipping.


For customers doing or planning to do ProLon on a regular basis, we suggest you group multiple ProLons into one single order. This can minimize potential delays and/or out-of-stock disruption to your ProLon success.

ProLon typically has a 6-9 months shelf life.


Shipping Destinations

We ship to most countries in Asia. Below you will find a list of destinations we ship to on a daily / weekly basis. For other countries, you may email us to inquire about the latest shipping restrictions.

Shipping Time Estimate

Estimate is updated in the system ​and will be shown and reflected at checkout.

Shipping Fee Calculation

Shipping fee is automatically calculated as you place your order. Simply select your country and enter your postal code (if applicable) and the system will refresh.

Refund Policy

In view of the uncertainty and constantly changing circumstances posed by COVID, we offer refund for orders that are affected by unforeseeable shipping conditions.

Special COVID Arrangement

COVID is driving up shipping cost and delivery times due to significant reduced flights and longer custom clearance time. We aim to best reflect the situation by constantly updating our shipping fee calculation system, which you will see as you place your order.

Hong Kong,
South Korea

No impact


Limited due to COVID; as always, expect inconsistency by the authorities in customs clearance

New Zealand,

Delivery severely impacted / border control restrictions apply; please email us before placing an order

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