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Nuzest Pea Protein

Plant-based, clean protein.


Plenty of flavors. Vanilla, coffee, matcha, and many more...

Why Pea Protein?

It's a healthy clean alternative for your protein needs. For workout or just as a supplement to your meals. Completely plant-based, with no added sugars, and it's a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids.


There are 2 recipes we use in the office. We make smoothies out of fruits, prebiotics powder, and this pea protein. The other recipe? + H2O!

If you are unsure about which flavor, we recommend Vanilla. Mix well with most drinks and smoothies.

Pea Protein

Why We Avoid Dairy Protein?

Pea (and in general plant-based) proteins are much cleaner and easier on the stomach. Dairy protein is cheaper but it takes a toll on our bodies.

Nuzest pea protein does not have the usual appalling smell and artificial taste that comes with most protein powder.


And the result is very obvious. Wait 30 mins and see if you feel the usual bloating and digestive issues that come with dairy-based protein. Also, if you are concerned about the usual skin problems with dairy protein, that's another good reason to switch to plant based proteins.

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