Fast Bar is the latest addition to the fasting-mimicking diet family. For ProLon users, please note that Fast Bar serves a different fasting purpose and is not intended as a substitute for ProLon. 


How is it different from ProLon?

ProLon is a prolonged, 5-day fasting program. User is expected to complete the 5 days without any disruption. 


Fast Bar supports short, intermittent fasting programs - for example, 16/8 fasting (i.e. eating only within an 8-hour window), 1-day fasting, alternative-day fasting, water-only fasting. It is good for those who wish to get the benefits of fasting but cannot commit to extended fasting programs. 


Scientific findings of Fast Bar were published in the leading scientific journal, Nature. Benefits were observed in a randomized, controlled study in 108 adults after a 15-hour overnight fast.


How to use Fast Bar?

For Intermittent Fasting

  • Within the fasting window to curb hunger
  • At the start or the end of the fasting window to provide nutritional nourishment for your body
  • To extend your fasting duration (say from a 16-hour to 24-hour fast, or 1-day to 2-day fast)


As Breakfast Substitutes

  • Ride on and extend your "natural fast" after a night of sleep. Provide easy and ample opportunities each day for intermittent fasting without sacrificing nutritional nourishment or feeling low in energy in the morning


As Healthy Snacks

  • Planted-based, healthy fats, fiber-rich, high-quality nuts containing both macro- and micro-nutrients, with no added sugar  



Fast Bar (5 Bars / Pack)

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  • Consume Before: Nov 2021 


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