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A lot of customers have asked for a subscription program so that they can save the trouble from ordering every month. We're delighted that you saw results with ProLon and decided to commit to it. Well now you get to celebrate your success with even great savings on all subscription programs.

Subscription Program

  • Enjoy 5% discount

  • Charged once each month; Auto-renew until canceled

  • Select "Subscription" at checkout

6-Month Subscription Program

  • The greatest savings for the committed or if you decide to do it with friends

  • Enjoy a total saving of HKD 1600 / USD 205 (unit discount plus shipping fee waived)

  • Pay in one go; Ship to one address only

  • Flexibility - consume the 6 boxes within 6 or 12 months; mix and choose any flavor you like

  • Select "One-time Purchase" at checkout. Add 6 ProLons to the cart. Use discount code: 6month

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