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ProLon 5-Day is a diabetes and pre-diabetes friendly diet (supported by clinical research)

A 5-day meal kit that improves your condition!

ProLon is scientifically-proven to support improving diabetes and prediabetes. Its proprietary technology is a $36M, 20-year research initially sponsored by the US government.

6lbs of fat loss on average, specifically belly fat, 1.2-inch reduction in waist circumference shown in clinical trials. The only clinically validated diet with consistent results, recommended by even doctors and endocrinologists.

All ProLon products are from the US. Quality guaranteed.


Dr. Amy Savagian, MD

Triple Board: Internal, Integrative and Obesity Medicine

“I love the science supporting ProLon, and I love that the science has been published in multiple peer reviewed journals. It allows me to suggest ProLon with confidence. I have used fasting and time restricted eating in my practice for years; ProLon augments this and takes it to the next level.”


Dr. William Hsu, M.D


Former Professor, Havard Medical School 

Former Director of Asian Clinic, Joslin Diabetes Center

Currently Chief Medical Officer, L-Nutra, Inc.

“ProLon carries so many weight, metabolic and cellular benefits that not only do I recommend it, but I decided to join the company’s mission full time as Chief Medical Officer”

What does the 5-Day Meal Kit contain?

The meal kit comes with 5 days of ready-to-eat food, with 4 meals each day. Plant-based, it includes crackers, healthy food bars, soups, and others.


It offers great convenience and minimal cooking (only with the soups), meaning that each day you can simply grab a box and eat anytime and anywhere, be it at the office or at home. 

ProLon is offered in 2 flavors - with the only difference being the choice of soups. Both lead to the same clinical benefits.

Original Flavor


New Flavor


Diabetes- and Prediabetes-Relevant Clinical Trial Results

Proven weight loss through 5-day ProLon diet

An average of 6 lbs weight loss

Proven belly fat loss through 5-day ProLon diet

Substantial reduction in belly fat mass

Proven waist loss through 5-day ProLon diet

More than 1 inch loss in waist circumference


Preserved or even improved lean body mass

Overweight, high abdominal fat, high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol and family history are the leading risk factors for diabetes and prediabetes* 

While ProLon cannot help rewrite your family history, clinical trial has shown that ProLon significantly supports improving all the other risk factors above. 

*Detailed clinical trial results - on average, 5.7 lbs of weight loss, 1.6 inches trimmer waist, reduced abdominal fat, improved cholesterol and blood pressure, and lowered risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. It shall be highlighted that the loss in weight comes as a natural consequence of a healthier body, not at the expense of.

The science of ProLon is published and used by doctors in world-renowned scientific journals

Clinically-validated, tried by more than 220,000 users worldwide

ProLon was developed by Dr Valter Longo at the University of Southern California, originally to address the increasing obese population in the US. Its success in demonstrating the benefits of weight-loss and reducing diabetes risks in human clinical trials led to it later being commercialized and patented as an at-home dietary product.

Currently, ProLon is recommended by doctors, endocrinologists and dietitians to their patients. More than 220,000 users worldwide have used ProLon.


A house-cleaning for your body at the cellular level

In simple terms, ProLon induces a "house-cleaning" in your body by removing old, sluggish components and recycling them into creating new, healthy cells. This "repairing" at the most fundamental cellular level leads to the many benefits such as fat loss, improved metabolic health and improved blood glucose. Users also report better concentration and reduced food cravings during and after the diet.

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