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ProLon & ReSet: the Mar batch is completely sold out. Please note that any order you place now is pre-order, delivery date TBD, though it does enjoy first priority in being fulfilled.   

Expected delivery: 2024 Apr-end, May-start (subject to change)


ReSet is a scientifically backed 1-day fast that puts your body in a fasting state.


Who is it for?

ReSet is perfect as a trial for first-timers who would like to experience what ProLon is like. Alternatively, it is a quick 1-day solution for experienced ProLon user as a reset.


How is it different from ProLon?

ReSet is designed very similarly to ProLon. It is a quick 1-day program when you look for a fast but are busy and cannot allocate time for another ProLon. 


What is included? 

ReSet is a 1-day meal kit that contains all the foods you need. It consists of plant-based soups, bars, snacks, herbal teas, and supplements that can help put you in a fasting state.

ReSet (1-Day Fast)

Price Options
One-time purchase
Delivered every month with no hassle
HK$590.00every month until canceled
  • Expiration: Jan 2024


    Shipping & Payment: Credit cards are accepted. Payment is settled in HKD regardless of your location; referenced price in your local currency is for reference only.


    Shipping Address: Please ensure availability during business hours (9am-6pm)


Dr. Amy Savagian, MD

Triple Board: Internal, Integrative and Obesity Medicine

“I love the science supporting ProLon, and I love that the science has been published in multiple peer reviewed journals. It allows me to suggest ProLon with confidence. I have used fasting and time restricted eating in my practice for years; ProLon augments this and takes it to the next level.”


Dr. William Hsu, M.D


Former Professor, Havard Medical School 

Former Director of Asian Clinic, Joslin Diabetes Center

Currently Chief Medical Officer, L-Nutra, Inc.

“ProLon carries so many weight, metabolic and cellular benefits that not only do I recommend it, but I decided to join the company’s mission full time as Chief Medical Officer”

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