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Day 6 – what’s the transition day about?

If you pay attention, the amount of foods you consume on Day 1 is higher than on Day 2-5. The purpose is to prepare and ease your body into a period of reduced caloric intake. This reduces the potential physical and mental discomfort someone who is not used to fasting may feel.

Day 6 leads with the same purpose – to prepare and ease your body back into your normal diet.

Remembering just 2 key principles will make Day 6 a success

1. Choose foods that are easy to digest; avoid foods that are heavy on your stomach

2. Start slow, and gradually increase consumption as the day goes by

Start with something light, say porridges, congee or fruit juices. Juices are frowned upon by some, but frankly, after 5 tough days, a small treat is not an outrageous ask. For most, fruits juices tend to increase appetite, which is another key benefit.

Avoid dairy and oily foods. They are hard on your stomach and take more work to digest. So no cheese, steaks or fries, not until you feel that your body is more up to speed, and preferably only on Day 7 or after.

If you are still mentally strong on Day 6, then consider the following - choose lemon juice among fruit juices, stick with mostly plant-based foods, and go for brown rice, quinoa over white rice, refined pasta.

And no need to overthink on Day 6. If you start slow, choose foods that you know you’d enjoy, you will soon find out when the body is ready for more.


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