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ProLon 5-Day Meal Kit

Plagued by COVID and looking to eat healthier stay-at-home?

ProLon is a 5-day meal kit that is scientifically proven and clinically validated. Improved metabolic health, enhanced concentration and 5lbs of fat-targeted weight loss.

A meal kit is delivered straight to your home or office address. In it there will be five boxes, each containing a full day of meals.

The science of fasting and ProLon has been published in top scientific journals... 

Healthy eating that will clean up your body

By inducing regeneration at the cellular level, ProLon in simple terms performs a deep "house-cleaning" and "reboot" in your body. 

Clinical benefits show improved overall metabolic health, blood glucose, cholesterol, fat-focused weight-loss, reduced abdominal fat and protected lean body mass. Users also report better concentration and reduced food cravings during and after the diet.

Ready-to-eat; Minimal disruption for work-from-home

Don't have time to cook?

The ProLon meal kit comes with 5 days of ready food, which includes crackers, food bars, snacks, tea bags and soup blends. All plant-based. That is, breakfast, lunch, dinner and even afternoon snacks!

Simply grab from the box and eat right away. Take them on the road too if you need to (only the soup blends require mixing with water or preparing on the stove).


Scientifically-proven; Clinically-validated

ProLon is a nutritional breakthrough after 20+ years, $36M of research sponsored by the US National Institute of Health as well as the University of Southern California.

Its findings and results were validated in human clinical trials and published in several top scientific journals, including Nature. So far, more than 220,000 users have tried ProLon.

Clinical Trial Results

Proven weight loss through 5-day ProLon diet

An average of 5 lbs weight loss

Proven belly fat loss through 5-day ProLon diet

Substantial reduction in belly fat mass

Proven waist loss through 5-day ProLon diet

More than 1 inch loss in waist circumference


Preserved or even improved lean body mass

How does the ProLon Diet work?

Here is the biological response of your body during the 5-day

Real Foods throughout the 5 Days

The only difference between the 2 flavors is the choice of soups; both have the same fasting benefits and caloric content

Original Flavor


New Flavor

I'd like a quick Science 101 behind ProLon

ProLon contains, like many diets, real foods. But what separates it is its proprietary formula with a careful balance of macro-nutrients, which has the effect of providing nourishment to your body without triggering the "food-sensing" pathways in your body. 

This causes 2 things to happen in your body. One, your body switches into a "resistant/protective" state. Two, your body looks inwards for energy (burns excess fat), and switches gear, operating in a much more "streamlined" and efficient way at the cellular level. 

It kickstarts a process called autophagy (a 2016 Nobel Prize discovery), which recycles "old, sluggish and inefficient" cells, and replaces them with "new, young and healthy" cells. This results in health improvement in many areas of the body because the changes occur at the cellular level and are not limited to a local area or a specific organ. 

In very simple terms, you can essentially consider it similar to a thorough "house-cleaning", or a "reboot" you would perform on your laptop to speed things up.

In theory, any diet that can trigger autophagy may have similar benefits. In practice though, it requires careful control of calorie intake, macro-nutrients balance plus day-by-day modulation of nutrients of a diet program that would challenge even the most competent dietitian.

  • What is collagen?
    Collagen is actually the most abundant protein in the human body, making up approximately 75% of who we are. Collagen is most commonly found in the skin, bones and connective tissue within the body, providing structural support, strength and a degree of elasticity (in combination with elastin). From a beauty and skincare standpoint, collagen is the most critical nutrient in giving your skin its elasticity as well as helping with cell regeneration – replacement and restoration of skin cells. It also reduces wrinkles and fine lines, hydrates your skin as well as prevents sagging skin. Collagen is crucial to your glowing skin. But there’s a catch - collagen production naturally declines with age, which you cannot control. What you can control, however, is your consumption of collagen to replenish it. In fact, studies showed by the time you reach 40, your body will have lost 25% of its collagen production ability. To make up for that and stimulate your body’s natural production, you will need to consume a higher amount of collagen.
  • Why Vida Glow Marine Collagen?
    Our low molecule weight peptide powder form is highly bioavailable, with a high absorption rate above 90%. Bioavailability is an indicator of how easy how easy it is for your body to consume. Most collagen products in the market have an absorption rate of only 20-30%. Pills and tablets instead of powder form deliver even worse. You can therefore do some quick calculation. A premium collagen does cost more, but at the same time it is 3-4 times more effective. More importantly though, why spending on collagen products that do not meet your need and will not reach your goal?
  • How does Vida Glow Marine Collagen compare to other collagen products or collagen consumed through normal diet?
    Surely, you can get collagen through your diet. But the issue is the digestion and absorption ability of collagen through diet into your body are usually much weaker. “Bioavailability” is the term used to describe this, which means how easy it is for your body to take in. The more highly bioavailable, the better. Vida Glow’s marine collagen is broken down into small particle sizes, which results in its high absorption rate. Another issue with absorption through diet is you rarely get enough collagen from your diet. Why is that? Most collagen is found on skin and scales for fish, or around bones for cow or chicken. How often do you eat those parts? Our marine collagen is superior because of two reasons. Marine collagen, compared to other types of collagen, has the most Type 1 collagen, which is the type that contributes to beautiful skin and reduce wrinkles. Not all types of collagen has the same benefits on skin. Another benefit of marine collagen is, compared to other sources of collagen, its absorption effectiveness is 1.5 times higher. More effective absorption, more targeted at your skin health and of course our ultra-high 90% absorption rate into the body. Those are the three reasons why our marine collagen is superior.
  • How does Vida Glow Marine Collagen work?
    Vida Glow Marine Collagen works from within your body to achieve a high absorption. Our collagen is a low molecular weight collagen peptide powder. Once the collagen is absorbed, it is passed through the lining of the stomach and is absorbed by the bloodstream. It is then distributed through blood vessels to the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin, stimulating fibroblast proliferation and increasing the body’s natural production of collagen.
  • What results can I expect from the products? Is it scientifically proven?
    According to scientific research and clinical trials, you can expect to see results in 3 – 4 weeks of taking the product on a daily consecutive level. At this time skin becomes more hydrated, followed by a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in 6 weeks. By the 9th week you’ll see a noticeable increase in skin elasticity and firmness. Most of our customers have seen changes in 4 – 6 weeks in skin, hair and nails, with some achieving results in as little as 2 weeks. Performance is especially noticeable with higher age group. We recommend taking Vida Glow's marine collagen daily. You will see faster and more effective results. Taking 6 – 9 grams a day (2 – 3 scoops) will accelerate results. If you are taking more than one serving per day, be sure to spread them out, rather than taking all servings at once, this ensures maximum absorption. You can also see more researches validating such findingson collagen products from the National Institute of Health website -
  • How to include the collagen into my day?
    Mix it in your morning coffee or tea or include it in your favourite food or drink. Our marine collagen powder blend very well into foods such as porridge, yoghurt, soup or drinks such as smoothies, shakes, juices or water and is also heat stable. You will see faster and more effective results when taking the marine collagen daily.
  • Our commitment to only safe and clean sources
    Vida Glow's marine collagen is sustainably sourced French collagen extracted from the scales of ocean fish. We use the scales as it is the best source of nutrients and collagen protein. Each new batch of our marine collagen undergoes stringent testing to ensure it is free of heavy metals, contaminants and other toxins prior to being made available to customers. We do not mix in any low quality collagen from shellfish or jellyfish as some other products do. Our marine collagen is pure, high-quality ocean fish collagen. All our products are manufactured and shipped from Europe.
  • What is the shipping policy?
    All our products are manufactured and directly shipped from Europe. We do not compromise on quality and this is our guarantee to customers. For orders above HK$500 or SG$150, you get to enjoy free shipping. Otherwise, we charge HK$100 or SG$20 for shipping.
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