ProLon 5-Day Meal Kit

Plagued by COVID and looking to eat healthier stay-at-home?

ProLon is a 5-day meal kit that is scientifically proven and clinically validated. Improved metabolic health, enhanced concentration and 5lbs of fat-targeted weight loss.

A meal kit is delivered straight to your home or office address. In it there will be five boxes, each containing a full day of meals.

The science of fasting and ProLon has been published in top scientific journals... 

Healthy eating that will clean up your body

By inducing regeneration at the cellular level, ProLon in simple terms performs a deep "house-cleaning" and "reboot" in your body. 

Clinical benefits show improved overall metabolic health, blood glucose, cholesterol, fat-focused weight-loss, reduced abdominal fat and protected lean body mass. Users also report better concentration and reduced food cravings during and after the diet.

Ready-to-eat; Minimal disruption for work-from-home

Don't have time to cook?

The ProLon meal kit comes with 5 days of ready food, which includes crackers, food bars, snacks, tea bags and soup blends. All plant-based. That is, breakfast, lunch, dinner and even afternoon snacks!

Simply grab from the box and eat right away. Take them on the road too if you need to (only the soup blends require mixing with water or preparing on the stove).


Scientifically-proven; Clinically-validated

ProLon is a nutritional breakthrough after 20+ years, $36M of research sponsored by the US National Institute of Health as well as the University of Southern California.

Its findings and results were validated in human clinical trials and published in several top scientific journals, including Nature. So far, more than 220,000 users have tried ProLon.

Clinical Trial Results

Proven weight loss through 5-day ProLon diet

An average of 5 lbs weight loss

Proven belly fat loss through 5-day ProLon diet

Substantial reduction in belly fat mass

Proven waist loss through 5-day ProLon diet

More than 1 inch loss in waist circumference


Preserved or even improved lean body mass

How does the ProLon Diet work?

Here is the biological response of your body during the 5-day

Real Foods throughout the 5 Days

The only difference between the 2 flavors is the choice of soups; both have the same fasting benefits and caloric content

Original Flavor


New Flavor

I'd like a quick Science 101 behind ProLon

ProLon contains, like many diets, real foods. But what separates it is its proprietary formula with a careful balance of macro-nutrients, which has the effect of providing nourishment to your body without triggering the "food-sensing" pathways in your body. 

This causes 2 things to happen in your body. One, your body switches into a "resistant/protective" state. Two, your body looks inwards for energy (burns excess fat), and switches gear, operating in a much more "streamlined" and efficient way at the cellular level. 

It kickstarts a process called autophagy (a 2016 Nobel Prize discovery), which recycles "old, sluggish and inefficient" cells, and replaces them with "new, young and healthy" cells. This results in health improvement in many areas of the body because the changes occur at the cellular level and are not limited to a local area or a specific organ. 

In very simple terms, you can essentially consider it similar to a thorough "house-cleaning", or a "reboot" you would perform on your laptop to speed things up.

In theory, any diet that can trigger autophagy may have similar benefits. In practice though, it requires careful control of calorie intake, macro-nutrients balance plus day-by-day modulation of nutrients of a diet program that would challenge even the most competent dietitian.


It sounds too good to be true. Explain to me the science.

While "fasting-mimicking" is a new technology, "fasting" itself has been a centuries-old mechanism that our human body is well tuned to. ProLon, in essence, is only harnessing what the body has always been capable of. If you are still skeptical, the best way to approach that is to read up on the scientific findings published in renowned scientific journals. We recommend "Fasting-mimicking diet and markers/risk factors for aging, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease" | 2017 on Translational Medicine and "Intermittent and periodic fasting, longevity and disease" | 2021 on Nature.

Does ProLon work on all people?

That'd be best answered by pointing to the human trial results. The clinical trial which demonstrates the benefits of ProLon was not limitied to a particular people. In fact, it was performed on most races in the US as a randomized trial containing 100 subjects. It is however worth mentioning that the group who were "more unhealthy" in terms of metabolic health and weight management / obesity saw even greater health benefits with ProLon, which is telling as traditionally we've always looked to drugs rather than foods as the solution.

How easy is it to consume ProLon?

The ProLon meal kit comes with 5 small boxes. Each box contains all meals for that day, which includes 4 meals. They're all ready-to-eat foods and drinks except the soups. The soups require mixing with water or light heating preparation with a stove, which you may prepare the night before and bring to the office if you prefer.

Do I have to buy or eat anything else that is not in the box during the 5 days?

No. In fact, you are strongly recommended to stick with and eat what is in the box for those 5 days to achieve the best results. You can essentially free your mind and focus solely on what is important to you on those 5 days, whether you're working from home or the office.

What are the benefits of ProLon?

ProLon offers a wide range of health benefits, which in essence includes improved overall metabolic health, lowered risks in critical diseases and improved longevity. Specifically, improved blood glucose, cholesterol, fat-focused weight-loss, reduced abdominal fat and protected lean body mass. Users also report enhanced mental clartiy and concentration as well as reduced food cravings both during and after the diet. The clinical trial reports results after 3 cycles of ProLon (i.e. 3 consecutive programs of ProLon across 3 months). It is tried and proven; we suggest the same to our customers.

Who is not suitable for ProLon?

ProLon is a plant-based meal program containing nuts and with a reduced caloric intake. Therefore, you should avoid if

  • You are allergic to nuts, soy, oats, sesame, or celery/celeriac
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have dietary restrictions or a fever, cough, diarrhea, or signs of an active infection
  • You are malnourished, have experienced protein deficiency, or you are severely underweight
  • You have an active infection or are at risk of repetitive infection
  • You are diagnosed with a severe medical condition that requires active doctor's supervision (consult your doctor before purchasing ProLon)

How frequently can I take ProLon? Any restriction outside the program, i.e. outside the 5-day?

Each 1 ProLon is 5-day / 1 cycle. We recommend no more than 1 cycle per month. When you first start, for best results, you should consider 3 consecutive cycles, as in 1 cycle each month for 3 consecutive months. After that, you may take ProLon every 2-3 months, or as you prefer, as "regular house-cleaning". There is no restriction outside the program. You live how you usually live and eat what you usually eat. The cellular cleanup process will continue after the 5-day, but there is nothing you have to do to make that happen. Of course, healthy eating and lifestyle are always good for you.

Are the results sustainable after the program?

The cellular cleanup and rejunvenation process does not end after the 5-day. It's a "self-repairing" process that your body has embarked on and will last long after the 5-day. Some people observe visible results already on the 3rd day; others towards the 5th day. These are all normal as our genetics are different. Clinical trials show users who have completed the ProLon program and returned to their normal diet and lifestyle still see the health benefits maintained 3-6 months afterwards.