* ProLon is currently out of stock. Our shipment from the UK warehouse is delayed due to the latest border control measures implemented to contain the mutant COVID strain in the UK. All orders placed now are pre-orders, and will be fulfilled once restocked.


Our current estimate is mid-Feb 2021. But please note that we do not have a certain estimate as that's subject to customs decision. 

Our recommendation is 

  • Hold off from ordering and watch out for the latest update, if you only plan to do ProLon before a certain date (say CNY)

  • Order now, if there is no urgency but you'd prefer to get ProLon as soon as it arrives

Please note that we fulfill all orders chronologically, meaning pre-orders made first will be handled and fulfilled first. 

Going forward, for customers doing or planning to do ProLon on a regular basis, we suggest you group all you need in one single order, or pre-order well in advance. This can minimize disruption to your ProLon success. ProLon typically has a 6-9 months shelf life. We expect the availability of ProLon will be unpredictable with tightening border controls.   

Shipping Destinations

We ship to most countries in Asia. Below you will find a list of destinations we most commonly ship to, but we also ship to countries not listed below. 

Shipping Fee Calculation

Shipping fee is automatically calculated as you place your order. Simply select your country and enter your postal code (if applicable) and the system will refresh.

Refund Policy

In view of the uncertainty and constantly changing circumstances posed by COVID, we offer refund for orders that are affected by unforeseeable shipping conditions.

Special COVID Arrangement

COVID is driving up shipping cost and delivery times due to significant flight cancellations and reduced courier choices. We aim to best reflect the situation by constantly updating our shipping fee calculation system. We will also constantly deliver all the major updates in the table below.

Hong Kong,


No impact

Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia

Largely unaffected; expect slight delays


Delivery service is resumed but shipping cost has increased


Unaffected; but delays are as always likely due to inconsistency in imposing the customs clearance requirements by the authority 

New Zealand, South Korea

Delivery severely impacted; delivery will be handled on a case by case basis after order is placed

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